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Dallas Hot Springs Village

The partnership will cross-promote Hot Springs Village with businesses, events, fun adventures, golf, restaurants, and more in Dallas.

In addition, Designs Group Consulting’s printer partner, Blackhawk Color & Print Specialists, is offering a virtual print library for DGC clients. Now, when clients order a rack card, business card, flyer, brochure, or other printed materials, their projects will be available for quick re-orders via the new virtual terminal. 

“I am so excited about opening a DGC branch in Dallas in a partnership venture to cross-market the Dallas area to Hot Springs Village, and Hot Springs Village to the Dallas area. Partnering with RE/MAX’s Home magazine and Escape to the Ouachitas magazine, along with radio spots on KVRE 92.9 FM, will greatly expand exposure for the Village and for Dallas!” said Dannet Botkin, DGC President. “We are also thrilled to offer DGC clients the new virtual printing system through our Blackhawk printing partner to help streamline re-ordering of marketing materials for all our clients.” 

"Dallas is so close, less than a five-hour drive or approximately an hour flight to Hot Springs Village. To welcome our Dallas visitors, RE/MAX Nightly Rentals is offering a special 10% vacation discount. Just use the code "Dallas" during your online rental checkout at I’m positive, once inside North America's Largest Gated Community, visitors will fall in love with this place," said Clara Nicolosi of RE/MAX of HSV

“KVRE Radio in Hot Springs Village looks forward to partnering with DGC and RE/MAX of HSV to provide opportunities for our listeners to learn about all the amazing things the city of Dallas has to offer,” said KVRE General Manager Alice Bates. “Stay tuned to KVRE 92.9 FM or for all the exciting details!” 

"Having lived in Pine Bluff and Little Rock for five years and frequenting Hot Springs to enjoy horse racing at Oaklawn and the relaxation spa services at the historic and beautiful Arlington Hotel, I thought what else is there in this gorgeous countryside? Then, I got to peek inside Hot Springs Village, and there lies the “what else” with sprawling green space and native forest with a quaint yet plentiful bounty of adventures. Now, I reside in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and have re-visited Hot Springs and Hot Springs Village for girl trips and to share the beauty with my husband. 

Come take a peek and fall in love with my Dallas/Ft. Worth area. We have unique village-like areas with walkabouts, and extremely spectacular day and nightscapes if you know where to look." - Kay Carter, DGC Dallas Branch Sales Director. 


Hot Springs Village Tulsa


Designs Group Consulting is excited to announce we now have a branch in Tulsa, OK. And, like in Dallas we will be cross-promoting Tulsa and Hot Springs Village in partnership with KVRE and RE/MAX of Hot Springs Village.” – Dannet Botkin, DGC President  

"The only way to grow our Hot Springs Village community is to share our best kept secret. RE/MAX of Hot Springs Village is excited to partner with Designs Group Consulting and KVRE to improve our reach into the Tulsa market." - Clara Nicolosi, Owner of RE/MAX of Hot Springs Village   


“I am so excited about branching out into the city of Tulsa and its bedroom communities. We have many residents from the Tulsa area here in Hot Springs Village and Tulsa is such a unique town, especially its downtown area. We look forward to not only serving our residents here in Hot Springs Village, but to show the Tulsa community what a great community we live and work in and to show our residents what great things there are to in Tulsa!” – Alice Bates, KVRE 92.9 General Manager

Swing Thru Hot Springs Village Golf Clubs

9 Championship Golf Courses